CR – Vanguard China

CR-Vanguard relies on new R290 cooling units from AHT

CR-Vanguard, the largest food retailer in China, has been working with AHT for more than ten years. CR-Vanguard stores are already equipped with the entire AHT product range. The collaboration started with the implementation of PARIS, MILANO, SINGAPORE and MONTREAL SLIM refrigerators and freezers in all CR-Vanguard markets. In 2020, the company has decided to replace the existing remote cooling rack systems with R290-powered devices from AHT. CR-Vanguard installed VENTO SPI with Waterloop, VENTO AIR and KINLEY XL in its 17 stores.

In addition to this key project, a smaller project was implemented in a single branch in southern China, in which the models SINGAPORE/KINLEY XL, MONTREAL and VENTO SPI were installed with water. For the customer, those are the first plug-in and SPI cabinets in its stores. CR-Vanguard’s decision to replace the existing remote system with a plug-in and semi-plug-in system is based on the improved energy efficiency and performance of AHT devices.

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Replacement of the old R404 Remote System for newer propane gas powered by AHT. All in all, the devices were exchanged in CR-Vanguard Guangzhou branch.

To prevent heat loss and dissipation of energy, CR-Vanguard has decided to install new AHT devices.


After a trial run of about a year, the SPI system has proven to be very stable and highly efficient. Before the project implementation, the customer always opted for remote systems. However, the results of the test run convinced him, above all in terms of cost, of the new system.

The new AHT devices were selected because the global warming potential (GWP) of the R290 coolant shows a 20-year value of only 0.072*. This means that the AHT devices have the lowest GWP value on the market. The new installations can save more than 442,982 tons of CO2 per branch in ten years. Since 2010, AHT has been successfully supplying CR-Vanguard in China with energy-efficient green cooling and freezing systems. The project was carried out by AHT China and AHT headquarters in Rottenmann, Austria.