Netto France

Netto France relies on know-how from AHT

AHT is working in close collaboration with the independent retailer “Les Mousquetaires” (Intermarché & Netto) since 2003 and is listed as part of Netto’s “POP” (Price Optimism Pleasure) concept and Intermarché’s “Fabmag” concept. These networks include around 2150 supermarket outlets in France, of which around 300 are Netto stores. Every year, AHT equips around 30 Netto and 50 Intermaché stores. AHT France is also the reference supplier for plug-in solutions within the Netto-POP concept. The aim of the concept is to harmonize net sales throughout France and to provide customers with a qualitative picture of the discount.

At Netto Epernay, near Reims, a complete reorganization of the market has been carried out as well as the conversion to the new POP concept. R404A Remote Solutions have been converted to AHT models. The converted branch now uses the VENTO, KALEA and MONTREAL Slim models . The customer was concerned about switching to energy-saving devices without HFC fluids. In addition, a high degree of flexibility and a reduction in the refrigerant quantity (110 kg with R404a GWP 4728 (IPCC6) => 520 080 kg CO2 savings during installation) and doors on the refrigerated furniture were a criteria.

_Year of Installation


_Installed System

_ VENTO Eco Air
_ KALEA Freeze Air

_Project requirements

Complete conversion of the branch with 923m2 and conversion to the POP concept. Implementation of the VENTO, KALEA and MONTREAL Slim models.

Thanks to the new AHT devices and the installation of a new LED
lighting, an energy saving of 35% is achieved within one month, despite the fact that its own air conditioning system has been installed to improve air quality.


Reduction of maintenance time and costs

The reduction of maintenance time and costs was also an issue as well as the minimal interventions during the conversion (e. g.: No build-in connection necessary for KALEA) and thus your very short conversion phase.
Netto Epernay was the first store to be 100% equipped with refrigeration installations by AHT (with full plug-in solutions but excluding the cold rooms).
Netto Epernay was able to record an increase in sales of 2%.

Comparison of energy consumption within one month

“The increase in sales and energy savings have shown us that we made the right decision to switch to AHT devices. We are very satisfied with the result”, Nicolas VERNHES owner Netto Epernay.