Superbrugsen Videbæk Denmark

25% of monthly energy savings at SuperBrugsen Videbæk

Superbrugsen Videbæk has replaced its outdated R404 cabinets with new environmentally friendly and energy-saving cabinets from AHT. SuperBrugsen Videbæk was introduced to AHT when a colleague in a nearby COOP store installed a MONTREAL XL solution. After sparring with AHT Nordic and his colleague, Anders decided that a similar installation would be the best possible solution for his shop. A total of 25 MONTREAL XL were installed. The installation was carried out while the store still open with least possible disturbance to the daily operations.

The customer was very satisfied with the quick and successful implementation.
“The installation process was perfectly organized and implemented without any major disruption to our day-to-day business”, says Anders Hedegaard of SuperBrugsen Videbæk.
The customer is using a monitoring system which is connected to the coolers and continuously measures the performance of the devices and gives an overview of the total energy consumption.

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Replacement of the old refrigerated and frozen furniture by 25 new Montreal XL, all together 25 old furniture were replaced.

Thanks to the powerful LED lighting of the MONTREAL XL freezer, SuperBrugsen Videbæk was able to remove 60 old top mounted luminaires.


One month after installing AHT Cabinets, SuperBrugsen Videbæk has concluded that they saved 25% on energy consumption. The store is very satisfied with the result of the conversion and daily operations of the AHT cabinets. In addition to the powerful LED lighting of MONTREAL XL made it possible to remove 60 old lighting fixtures which added another substantial energy saving.

One of the selection criteria for the AHT devices was that the Global Warming Potential (GWP) of the R290 refrigerant shows a 20-year value of only 0. 072*. The AHT devices therefore have the lowest GWP value on the market. SuperBrugsen Videbæk, is another example of a customer that with new AHT cabinets get a significant energy saving as well as an environmentally correct solution.
The project was carried out by AHT in Denmark and the AHT headquarters in Rottenmann, Austria.