Update Visitor Centre

Update Visitor Centre / Showroom

Since 16 January 2023, the final phase of the changes to the showroom in Rottenmann has been underway. The installation of all the equipment and the redesign will take about four weeks.

Following the renovation and inauguration of the showroom, the Custom Event Series customer visits will take place in the same.

In the course of the conversion, the AIR system, the SPI system with heat recovery and the CO2 system are installed in the showroom and presented to customers at the subsequent Custom Event Series. The unit portfolio is also impressive. The new KALEA SPI units for refrigeration and deep-freezing, two KALEA Air in the refrigeration and deep-freezing versions and a VENTO SPI refrigerated shelf were installed. A MONTREAL island, a LISBOA island, a CB Promotion Cooler, and a KINLEY & MONTREAL island complete the picture of the AHT units.

All SPI units are connected to a heat recovery system with a Daikin Hydro Cube, a buffer tank with pumping stations, a waste heat unit, and a Daikin Fan Coil.

This makes it possible to simulate the use of waste heat generated during cooling and deep-freezing.

Brand new: CO2

The CO2 system consists of three refrigerated shelves, one freezer shelf, one semi-vertical refrigerated shelf and one service counter. These units are connected to a DAIKIN Conveni Pack and a freezer extension pack. The Conveni Pack serves as a compressor, a waste heat unit, and a heat pump. Here, too, the use of waste heat can be simulated by connecting a Daikin fan coil.

As a mobile highlight, a podium awaits visitors in the middle of the room to present customised models.

A digital copy of the showroom enables an online tour and presentation in online meetings. Tablets can be used to scan various QR codes that contain further insights and information about the AHT.